Overbooked Flight Compensation?

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Overbooked Flight

Was your flight overbooked? The rights of air passengers are primarily laid down in EU regulation EC 261/2004. Depending on the flight details you have the right to care (think of meals, refreshments, and even hotel accommodation), the right to re-booking or full refund of your flight, and even the right to compensation up to €600.

Overbooked Flight Compensation

You can get up to €600 compensation per person for your overbooked flight! The amount of compensation you are entitled to depends on a number of conditions, such as the flight distance (less than 1500 km, between 1500 and 3500 km and more than 3500 km) and the length of the flight delay at your final destination with your alternative flight.

Overbooked Flight Information

The right to compensation for an overbooked flight depends on several conditions. Your flight must be within the EU, departing from the EU or departing from outside the EU to the EU on a European operating airline. In addition, you must be delayed at your final destination by at least 2 hours with your alternative flight and denied boarding involuntarily as a result of the overbooking.

Overbooked Flight Claim

How to claim your overbooked flight compensation? You have submit a claim against the airline to get your compensation. You can try it yourself, however in most cases the airline reject your claim or do not respond at all. You can let our legal experts take care of all the hassle! We have a straightforward way of claiming compensation. If needed, we bring your case to court to win.

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