What does Claim24 do?

Why choose Claim24?

How can I submit a claim?

Which travel documents does Claim24 require when submitting a claim?

How will I know that Claim24 received my submission?

How long does the claim process take?

What is Claim24's method of payment?

How long does Claim24 take to make a claim payment?

Are there any extra costs involved if legal proceedings have to be issued?

Can I keep track of the actions Claim24 takes so that I know the progress of my claim?

Am I entitled to compensation if the boarding is denied?

Am I entitled to compensation if the flight is delayed?

Am I entitled to compensation if the flight is cancelled?

How much am I entitled to?

Can I get the compensation for delayed/canceled/overbooked flight if I have already accepted the voucher offered by the airline?

What if the airline already offered me compensation?

I have already received assistance from the airline (meals, refreshments, hotel accommodation, etc.)? Can I get compensation in this case?

Can I get compensation if the airline informed me about the cancellation on the same day that the flight should have departed?

Can I file a claim for a baby or a child?

Can I get compensation for flights with low-cost companies and/or charter flights?

What are the extraordinary circumstances that are beyond the airlines' control?

What happens when the airline wrongfully rejects my claim for compensation?

Do airlines always give a reason for rejecting a claim?

They cancelled my flight and refunded my money. Can I still claim?

What is the right 'to be taken care of'?

Do I have to be a European citizen in order to file a claim?

How far back in time can I get compensation?

Does the price of my ticket influence the compensation?

Can I file a claim and get compensation if someone else paid for my ticket?

Which documents do I need to provide in order to claim?

How do I send documentation to Claim24?

What personal details will you need to start the compensation process?

Can I start a claim process if I lost my plane ticket?

Who should sign documents in behalf of minors?

What documents will you need in order to represent me if the claim goes to court?

What is the flight reservation number and where can I find it?

What's booking reference and how can I find it?

Why are you asking me for so much information?

I'm having trouble uploading documents. What should I do?

What happens to my documents once you have them? Is it secure?

Do you share my information with others?

Why do I have to sign an Assignment Form?

Is there any possibility that linking my email account could compromise my security?

Can I remove the automatic import feature from my email at any time?

Can I change my email address?

How can I delete my account?

How much do Claim24 services cost?

How and when will I receive my compensation?

How much does the bank transfer cost?

In what currency will I receive my money?

Can I give someone else's bank details, like a relative or a friend?

Why did I only get half of the compensation I thought I would receive?

What if the airline offers to pay me directly or sends me a cheque?

Will I still have to pay if the case is lost in court?

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